Top Home Repairs That Should Never Be Put Off

More often than not, as homeowners, the last thing we want to do is home repairs. Not only do they take time (and many of us don’t have a lot to spare), but they can also be costly and sometimes tedious. Sure, changing a light bulb or fixing a leaky faucet can be put off until it’s absolutely necessary to fix, but there are some home repairs that should never be put off. Unfortunately, many of these involve major things (and can come with an even more major price tag), but avoiding the repairs listed below could actually cause bigger problems down the road for your property. The following are some of the top home repairs that should never be put off.

Roof Issues

No house is complete without a roof. Probably one of the most important parts of any building, the roof is a major player when it comes to keeping up on repairs. With a roof, there are a number of things that should be fixed as soon as possible: leaks, missing or damaged shingles/tiles, and any kind of sagging. Leaks mean water is getting into the home, and water can lead to things like mold, structure damage and even fire should it come into contact with anything electrical. Missing or damaged shingles or tiles can lead to a number of issues if not fixed and create weak spots in a roof. A sagging roof could signify moisture in the attic space (a result of poor ventilation), broken or cracked joists, rafters or the ridge line itself.

Foundation Issues

The foundation of your home is extremely important – it essentially holds up your home’s entire structure. Cracks in the foundation are definitely something not to overlook when it comes to repairs. The last thing you want as a homeowner is for a crack to spread. Any crack has the capability to grow, but large cracks that are not addressed by a professional can eventually lead to leaks and even possibly the concrete collapsing. Foundation issues can be extremely costly, so addressing things like cracks while they are still small should be a top priority for any homeowner.

Plumbing Issues

Water anywhere other than in a pipe or a sink basin is bad, especially for your home. Plumbing issues and leaks anywhere in your property should be addressed as soon as possible. Water can cause a multitude of issues – from mold to structural and cosmetic issues. Plumbing issues, if left untreated, can become even bigger issues, especially when they occur inside walls or areas that are difficult to get to, and repairs carry a very big price tag if left to the last minute.


Some might argue that there is good and bad mold, but in reality, any mold in a home is bad mold. Yes, there are certain types of mold that are health hazards and can greatly negatively impact one’s health, but mold in general means there is a moisture issue that needs to be addressed. Mold is something that a homeowner can easily overlook, feeling it unnecessary to treat. Not only should the mold be treated, but the root cause of why mold is growing in the property needs to be addressed as well. If the root cause is not fixed, even when professionally treated, mold can come back. Being aggressive when it comes to mold is not only good for the property, but it’s also good for the health of all those who live in it.

Electrical System

Electricity is no laughing matter, especially if you’re having issues with it in your home. Overtaxed, poor and outdated electrical systems pose a number of issues to a homeowner if not repaired. Electrical issues generally have early warning signs too, from circuit breakers buzzing or even blowing, to flickering lights and hot switches and outlets. If electrical system issues go ignored, there is definitely a possibility for a fire, and should water get into a troubled electrical system, the result is anything but good.